The Foul Temptress (pre_raphaelite1) wrote,
The Foul Temptress

Third Annual HP_April_Fools!

OI, you lot!

Sign-ups for the Third Annual HP_April_Fools open in just 5 days!

You don't want to miss this! It's crazy fun and you don't have to have any mad skillz!

If you haven't heard of this, where have you been? :P In this gift exchange, the authors make the art and the artists write the fic! People who are known for both fic and art must work in a new medium; and new for this year, watchers will be making illustrated poems!

It's a chance to try your hand/mouse/keys at something new and have a grand time doing it!

This is fandom's friendliest and most foolish fest! I guarantee it!

*~* HP_April_Fools *~* HP_April_Fools *~* HP_April_Fools *~*
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