The Foul Temptress (pre_raphaelite1) wrote,
The Foul Temptress

I am NOT dead...

Despite evidence to the contrary...

So um. yes. Hello? I miss you guys! A hell of a lot has been going on- no, seriously, a lot.

My life in a nutshell:

* I'm now living in the American South. WTF? Luckily I'm not deep South and the area I'm in is fairly liberal, considering, due to the university population. But still... Me? In the South? I'm waiting for them to realise that they have a ranging pervert in their midst and lynch me. "YOU?! You're the one who likes gay incestuous crossdressing bestiality? YOU write children's characters having gay sex? YOU are pagan? AND YOU are bisexual? OUT OF OUR STATE!"

* I am teaching at a new university as of this August which is going very well. I teach British literature and children's literature and yes Harry Potter. :D Despite knowing a grand total of 1 person in the state when I moved here (alone), I've been blessed with fabulous colleagues and am actually developing a social life here. OMG.

* I have a great flat, nice and large and open, though it would be nice if it had another window or two. Still, importantly, it's QUIET. I'm currently alone but my beloved girl will be moving back here in Jan once she's done with her degree.

* My girl. We've been together nearly 2.5 years now and god, it's wonderful. Life is GOOD with her. We both stupidly happy, though we're apart, but even still- this distance for this time hasn't been as bad as we thought. A few more weeks and we'll be together in our own place (rather than together living back and forth between her parents' and my grams' like we were). I never expected to find someone who was as much of a filthy pervert as I am. And one as filled with voices and as obsessed fic writing and RPing and craftiness and costumes. *sighs happily* It took us both some crap to get to this place (between dumbass ex-husband and obsessive stalkers) but it's SO worth it.

* Dissertation- uhhh. That thing. I'm hoping to finish that by June. I owe a chapter to my chair 01 Dec. I should start that. But I've got loads of grading to do today. So it won't be today.

So yes, how are you?
What's new? What's old?
Care to give me an HP character and tell you something he/she would rather keep private?
Or at least say hello!
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