The Foul Temptress (pre_raphaelite1) wrote,
The Foul Temptress

So Very Overdue Update!

So- yes, I'm alive. I always mean to post more, but I feel guilty for not doing it and for how long it's been and I don't. *sigh*

Still living in the American South and absolutely loving it!

My beloved TheGildedMagpie and I have now been together for nearly 4 years and are happily engaged. Unfortunately we can't marry or have a marriage count in our current state, but looks like CA might get its act together soon now that Prop 8's been declared unconstitutional. THANK the blessed Goddess. Still, we are mad for one another and share an excellent compliment of voices/interests/loveofhotdirtywrongness. She's such a good match for a pervy PR1! One of these days I'm going to post a tally of the voices in our heads. It's pretty crazy and we really wonder what "normal couples" do. Then I remember life with my exhusband. This is SO much better.

It's also crazy weird but awesome to have a whole second family who I love and who love me! I got two more parents who are great friends and a teenaged brother who I can still out-armwrestle even though he's a football and track star. *smirks*

I do a crap-ton of RPing still, mostly tabletop gaming with various friends but some online stuff. We've got a steampunk RPG in the works if folks are interested!

Writing-wise, I am mostly down to my Daily_Deviant fics for fandom and then it's all academic stuff all the time. It's sad, but full time uni teaching just doesn't give me the chance to play yet.

I have expanded fandom obsessions to officially (whatever that means) include LotR and Firefly, yes belatedly. We've also developed an unhealthy obsession with a certain detective and his doctor flatmate, but who hasn't?

So yeah. That's it for now. Life is busy, but life is good. Now I go back to prepping for teaching more fairy tales and waiting for The Hunger Games and The Hobbit to come out!

I really hope everyone is well. I do miss the lot of you. You really helped me get through an awful time in my life and helped me find ME, be ME, and like ME.

And helped my girl and I find each other. :D

*mushes all of you into a cuddly pile*

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