Elegant Candy Coating

Perverted Creamy Filling

The Foul Temptress
14 September 1980
pre_raphaelite1 is now only updating on her Insane Journal because LiveJournal sucks decaying Voldy knob. She recommends that you come over there and friend her at will.

This journal contains works of fiction, frequently depicting sexual acts and/or violence. If you are underaged or bothered by such content, LEAVE. All characters depicted such situations in my fics are of legal age.

According to her friends, pre_raphaelite1:

~ is a filthy floozy who spends her days finding perverted meanings in respectable literature. She calls herself an academic but we all know that she's really a pornographer. wildestranger

~ is a total perv. She writes porn in Irish Pubs and she can speak on queerness or bestiality at the drop of a hat. She is Minerva. It also helps that she's hot and doles out the spankings with love. momebie

~ is one kinky witch. A true Slytherclaw, she does it all. If you're lucky, she'll do you, too...and maybe, just maybe, leave you intact. Just make sure you have a handle on your dangling participles before you come in. persephone56

~ looks too nice and innocent to be such a pr0ny and corruptive influence! lyras

~ is sort of a dangerous girl, as she will make you fall madly in love with words. You see, she makes them all magick-y and wonderful, and then you are utterly doomed to bounce and squee and generally be a great big silly fangirly thing. That, and she encourages the use of corsets. surfergirl17

~ makes me want bad things. archon_mentha

~ can write incredibly moving, delightfully funny and eyebrow raisingly dark fic. I've yet to see something that was everything at once, but I'm sure it's merely a matter of time. secondsilk

~ is sick, sick and wrong... but in a good way. kabeyk

~ is the only person in the world who can squick you until your eyes bleed, but keep you coming over and over back for more. She'll even make you want to squick yourself. By the by, I hear all it takes to get into her pants is a chocolate band-aid and a pair of fangs. marilla82

~ is known to bite.(and you can ask her to do it, with or without fangs.) paranoidsistah

~ tempts me to unnamed acts of perversion. And I love her for it. sethkyne_blue

If you are here for my fics, I try to keep them all catalogued here:
"Writing Archive"

Most of these are, of course, Harry Potter fanfics of various ratings with an emphasis on Remus/Sirius and now Minerva McGonagall, but there are some vampire works and a couple of my poetic entries linked here as well.

Hmm, what else? Oh! Friends! Please, feel friend to friend me. I can't guarantee I'll friend you back (I'm slow sometimes!) but I love making new friends!
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